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Why work with Alive?

Finding the right look for your project can be quite hard. You’ve got a specific feel and vibe in your mind and want that to show on screen. We communicate via lyrical descriptions, stills from other projects and other inspiration you came across during the project. With the expertise of Alive we can assure you that we can find the look you’ve been dreaming of as a director. 

Our Story

The origin of Alive started as a filmmaking hobbyist with a phone. Starting to make more and more video’s and trying to get the best image possible out of a simple camera. After some time we started working with bigger cameras like the blackmagic pocket cameras and the canon mirrorless line-up. As every filmmaker we wanted to shoot on the highest level possible, which resulted in shoots with camera brands like Arri, RED and Blackmagic. Because we always made sure we got the most out of our cameras, we can now use every file from each camera to it’s full potential.

Let's make your film come Alive.

Logo Alive Color Grading

We are Alive.

Alive is a color grading agency that gives your footage the feel and look you’ve been searching for.